Conservatively, there are over 12 million adults and children with ADHD on this planet. The brilliance of the ADHD mind can solve some of the world’s biggest problems if we allow them. We must see them differently. They’re not wrong, just different.

This site is dedicated to the ADHD relationships in our lives. Let’s see them for all that they are, not what they aren’t. Adults with ADHD, and parents with ADHD children have twice the divorce rate. Children are being raised with poor self esteem that hinders them throughout their lives. We must see ADHD differently if we hope to build stronger relationships. We’re dedicated to this paradigm shift about ADHD, to Not Wrong, Just Different.

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Dishing Out Some iLove

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My ADHD Son is 16 Today

As I write this post, my son, my firstborn, my baby boy has turned 16. And the best thing about this day is how absolutely excited and proud I am of the man he is growing up to be. As with all birthdays for your children, there is the flood of memories that come rushing in from their fat cheeked baby days, to the toddling, how many birthday cakes you’ve baked and skinned knees you’ve soothed. However, for an ADHD mom, it’s way more than that.


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