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No Child Left Behind – Hey, you missed one, MINE!

I have to believe that there was no malicious intent in the No Child Left Behind movement. But there have been many children left behind, including mine.

This is our story from last year.

At the beginning of 6th grade, tests were given to determine proficiency in key areas.

My son was reading as a senior in high school and writing as a sophomore.  Remember, he was a 6th grader! Pretty good, huh?  He is also ADHD, so public school is not exactly built for his brain.  Teacher lectures mostly sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher while he thinks of cool stuff in his head. Because he’s smart, he still does okay.

Here’s how things went on the reading report card for the year.

1st Semester –      B-
2nd Semester –    C+
3rd Semester –    C-
4th Semester –     D+

If you could double click on that D+ you  would see out of 57 grades, 28 are A’s and 10 are F’s mostly for homework that was done but lost or late.

There are several reasons that a child’s grades could slip.       Then I get his ISTEP scores:


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Rebecca, you could be writing OUR story. My son tests in the 95th percentile for all the ISTEP and NWEA tests. This year, none of his teachers would recommend he stay in the accelerated classes not because he couldn’t master the material, but because his grades were feast and famine – A’s for tests, F’s for incomplete or missing homework. He’s now bored out of his mind, but at least (so far) his grades & homework are meshing. We’ve now managed to teach my child that his best way out is to “dumb down”. Nice….

Amy Jones


Amy – I’m with ya sister, it’s tough. I spend a lot of time reminding him of the difference between education and learning – learning is still cool – the education system is a well, uh, “trying to think of something nice to say here” mis-aligned for them – There’s a great book I recommend in my Amazon store called Secrets of a Buccaneer Scholar – you both might enjoy that and get some new perspective. We moved into a Montessori school this year. Not looking for the easy button, just trying something different.



We have similar but different problems – my son has always scored high on ISTEP & NWEA and was on the Homor Roll all year long even though he has Epilepsy, ADHD& Asperger’s. We just received the Spring ISTEP scores (6th grade) and he failed all areas???? Ii could not just be a bad day of testing as this included both Open-ended and multiple choise results. Looking on the internet, we can only see a very small portion of his test, so we do not know what happened.



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