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Response to Article about ADHD Kids and Depression

This post in response to this article:

Kids with ADHD more prone to depression, suicide as teens, research shows

I started writing and talking about ADHD relationships to call attention to the very real challenges these people face throughout their lives. Imagine a world where you want to learn, but simply cannot hear what the teacher is saying because your head is so full of other thoughts and ideas. Imagine a world where you are constantly disappointing yourself, your parents, your teachers,and your friends. Not because you want to disappoint them, in fact, you are a caring and thoughtful person, but because you often can’t remember simple commitments and promises. Good intentions, often without the ability to follow through. Day after day, week after week, year after year.

It is no surprise that many folks with ADHD suffer from depression, even suicidal thoughts. Their life is ridiculously hard. Add in those that live with family members that don’t believe in ADHD. Many think they’re just lazy and careless. Some parents and spouses are so busy trying to “fix” them, they continually send the message they’re broken. It’s no wonder they give up.

There is so much controversy about ADHD medication.  I wonder why we’re OK letting their lives fall apart with disappointment but not OK with giving them medication to help them focus.


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