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To all those that love someone with ADHD, my wish for “us”

I was having a little pity party for myself the other day. I had spent the weekend cleaning and organizing and sorting and starting to lay out the Christmas magic. I went to work on Monday and came home  on Monday night to a house full of clutter and a full on fight going on across the house. *sigh*

I conjured up this little prayer and wish.

I chose to believe that there is a special spot in heaven for all of us that have loved someone with ADHD. It goes something like this.

Once past the Pearly Gate Protocol, there is a special angel that will come and tap us on the shoulder and say, we’ve been waiting for you.

We’ll be ushered in to a room made just for us.

There will be comfy chairs with ottomans and big white microfiber blankets like the one I just bought at TJMaxx that I LOVE. There will be vats of green tea and barrels of Pinot Noir with silver trays of baked brie wrapped up like little purses. We’ll each be given new Ugg slippers every day so the fluffy stuff inside is always fluffy.

The room will be neat and orderly and fully feng shui’d.

The music will be soft and soothing. There will be stacks of books and magazines to read interrupted. Everyone will talk with their calm inside voices.

Certain phrases will be wiped from everyone’s vocabulary like:

Where’s my _________?


You’re gonna miss the bus!

Anything to do with homework.

Our brains will be erased of all the chaos and frustration and we’ll be left with nothing but the love. The love for those that sometimes make us crazy.


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Awesome! I can just imagine it now! Wish I’d read this before the Christmas chaos so I could have had this picture in my mind the entire holiday. On the bright side, I can imagine it now as the chaos continues.



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