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Thanks for this video Becky….more people need to see this…I will do my part to share it.

LeeAnn Diekhoff


WOW.. thank for sharing this all too often missed message! My son is dyslexic & ADD & I can relate to your message in many aspects. Fighting with the system is sometimes tougher than getting through to the child! Thankfully he is now a freshman in college & loving life.

Dottie Gommel


Becky, this video made me cry.. It was so refreshing to be able to see someone else express my exact feelings about our education system. I plan to share this with my son’s teachers.. Thank you so much!

Brenda Olson


[…] good parents will struggle to get the help they need for their ADHD children. After attending my TEDx speech in 2011, Dan Reese recognized many characteristics of ADHD in him and in his own child.  He decided to seek […]

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