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Stir It Up

As I suspected, I received a few “haters” from the peanut allergy mom crowd from the last post. I anticipated it and a hater is at least a reader and has an opinion. I dig that.

Here’s the thing. The point of the last post was a compliment to peanut allergy mom. She doesn’t just sit down and let the system threaten her child, she takes charge, she demands change. I’m asking the ADHD parentals to take notice. To stand up, be proud of the brilliance and creativity that exists in our children. To see them as Not Wrong, Just Different and with courage and consideration to facilitate change.

If you’re waiting on the system to miraculously rise up and meet your needs, good luck with that.
If you’re just hunkered down hoping your little Jimmy or Sally survives school, shame on you. Surviving is defense and we need a much stronger offensive line.

We need advocacy, facilitation, participation, education and courage. I get why the peanut allergy moms jumped up from my post, they are protecting their young. I dig that. That’s what I want for my kids. A strong group of educated parents that are willing to stand up and take a stand for a better education for our kids.

Yesterday, one of my friends who is about to take on the role of step mother to a couple of ADHD teens decided she wanted to be their advocate. She’s going to meet with the school and facilitate change for these boys that are slipping through the cracks. I applaud her courage. I applaud her proactive spirit. She’s on offense.


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