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Dark Side Day

Most days I try to be “bright side” girl about ADHD relationships. I do wholeheartedly believe we need to see them through the lens of Not Wrong Just Different.  I also wholeheartedly  believe that the ADHD community needs more and better advocates.

Today, however, I’m feeling the weight. The dark side. I need just a minute to wallow in some ‘poor pitiful me’.

School has been in session for 3 weeks and the extra burden and the deep breath that we hold in hoping everything gets signed, packed, checked and returned is sitting in my chest like a rock.

I signed the farm approval paper the day it came out last week. Puffed my chest out proud. Yesterday I got “the email”.  Me and 3 other moms. Your kid can’t go if you don’t get your act together.  That email. The form must not have made it back to school.

Last night just before falling asleep, my husband says, “did you ever get that paper signed for Allied?” Nope, never saw the paper. *sigh* Lucky for him he won’t think about it again and I’ll go searching high and low through the stacks looking for it. If it’s in his truck, I might kill him.

So I get up early, print the farm paper, lay it on Dude’s backpack.  As he’s pulling out of the driveway I say, “did you get the farm paper I laid on your backpack?” Reply, “No, I didn’t know what that was.”  I’ll spare you the rant that followed.  I’m sure you know it.  You’ve either said it or heard it if you read this blog.

Maybe it’s hitting me hardest right now because I had this feeling after Labor Day.  It’s the one I get at the beginning of each new season. The desire to get organized, clean everything, and start anew.  Alas, I don’t live with anyone that shares that same heady feeling about neatness and organization.

Next week I’ll be in Chicago all week for a conference for work.  There will be a housekeeper.  Someone will cook my meals.  I’ll check in, neatly unpack my things and put them all in place. Each night when I get back to my room, they will still be in that place.  *sigh*

And here at home, they will live in a peaceful existence where no one sighs at them when they leave their clothes on the floor and their cereal bowls on the counter. My guess is, they need a break as much as I do.

Looking forward to the teleseminar we’re signed up for. The ADHD Effect on Marriage by Melissa Orlov.  I bet ya $20 bucks he doesn’t remember we’re signed up. *sigh*




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