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Shame on you Rick Perry.

This is why we need to educate and advocate.  We can no longer let those with a podium and a healthy dose of ignorance speak for and about ADHD.

I’m rarely short on words, however, this has me speechless.  Could someone get Dr. Daniel Amen on the phone to go scan Rick Perry’s brain.  I’m sure they’ll find ADHD and a big dose of stupid in there.  I’m not against paddling, I’m against ignorance.

Rick Perry’s made a habit out of horrifying liberals with his alternative solutions to problem-solving. Today, Politico uncovers a new one with regards to children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder. The Texas governor confesses to having ADD as a child and recommends a good spanking to modify a child’s behavior…


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One Comment

Did you take time to read some/all of the comments the article generated? Oh my! There are a LOT of ignorant folks on the topic of #ADD inattentive, hyperactive or combined type. “I had it when I was a kid . . . ” REALLY?!



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