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How Do You Do School?

The first day of school.  The first day of high school.  The first day of a new high school.  The first day of a new high school where you know no one.  The first day of a new high school that you know no one and you have ADD.

I’m ready to absolutely throw up. This is my son’s reality today.

Last night we went to meet the teachers and he looked each one of them in the eye, shook their hand, and introduced himself.  Man, I love that kid.

Then he explained to each of them that he has ADD and dysgraphia and asked them for their advice and suggestions for how to best adapt for their class.  They each brainstormed with him and came up with some plans to get them started.

Three things stand out for me in this scenario.

1. I need to relax.  He’s preparing to be on his own.  His life.  His plan.  I’ve prepped him pretty well, now I have to see how he does. Did I mention that I’m trying not to throw up.  I’ve been looking at the clock every hour waiting to pick him up at 4pm.

2. My son is a really cool kid.  He’s confident, he’s fearless. He’s funny, he’s a great guitar player. He’s an old soul. I love watching the man he’s growing up to be.

3. This would not have been the “meet and greet” scenario in a public high school.  We abandoned the public school system for our son after 6th grade.  Our daughter is in a public school and does really well.  I know the public system is built on efficiency, not necessarily effectiveness.  They’re sometimes choked by their own systems. The last two years we were in a Montessori School that ended in 8th grade. It was a wonderful experience, I highly recommend.  I’ve spent months agonizing over high school.  I am on a board of directors to start a charter montessori high school but it won’t be ready until next year at the earliest.  After a lot of research we landed in a homeschool co-op.  He’ll go to traditional classes on Tuesday and Thursday and then bring work home to do on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  It’s a completely new situation for all of us.  We now have far more choices in education than we’ve ever had.  None of them are perfect.  All of them require adjustment.

What kind of school is working well for your ADD’er?

FYI, one hour til I leave to pick him up ….. but who’s counting.



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