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Perspective About the H in ADHD

I had the opportunity to speak to a great group of parents and teachers last month in Texas sponsored by The Learning Center of North Texas.  It was a great event for our ADHD community.  I especially enjoyed spending time and listening to Dr. Patricia Quinn.   Dr. Quinn, (save the medicine woman jokes, she’s heard them all) is a developmental pediatrician in Washington DC and has authored several books on ADHD, done TV spots about the topic, not to mention parented three ADHD children.  She’s in the expert category for sure.

Dr. Quinn has a laid back style that I really appreciated.  I encourage you to read her books and visit her site,  There’s something important that Dr. Quinn shared that I think trips up our community and muddies the water more than it should.  It’s the H, in ADHD.

Here’s the paraphrase of what she shared.

Whether you’re talking about ADD or ADHD the two main characteristics are:

Inattentiveness and Impulsiveness

These are the Thing 1 and Thing 2 of ADD and ADHD.

These are the culprits that disrupt and cause the havoc for the ADD/ADHD family.


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