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This is your chance to support our ADHD community

Parenting is a challenging endeavor.  Parenting a child with ADHD is in a league of its own.

Dan Reese found out first hand that even well intentioned good parents will struggle to get the help they need for their ADHD children. After attending my TEDx speech in 2011, Dan Reese recognized many characteristics of ADHD in him and in his own child.  He decided to seek testing for his child and proper treatment so his child didn’t have some of the same struggles that he had been experiencing. It seemed like the right thing to do but he wasn’t at all prepared for the challenges that he would face.

The challenges for an ADHD parent seem to be everywhere you turn; where and how to get testing, what the tests mean, where to find a coach, how to cooperate with your educators, how to pay for it all. The list goes on and on.

And sometimes, you just want to pick up the phone or jump online and find someone that “gets it”.  You want to know that someone out there understands how difficult it all can be and how much you desperately want your child to have the resources they deserve. Someone that understands that we just want our children to be loved and protected and given every opportunity to be all they can be. Some days that seems like an impossible dream.

Lucky for us, Dan creates platforms for wellness programs.  He quickly realized he could take his skills in technology and his access to great data  and apply them to these ADHD challenges. Dan is building a platform for us, the ADHD community. He’s taking all that he knows about current technology innovation and accessing data and creating Kids Steps 4 Life.

Kids Steps 4 Life is a collaborative portal for parents, education, health providers and children with ADD and ADHD.

Dan will be asking employers to offer this platform as a benefit to their employees.  Can you imagine starting a new job and seeing your benefit plan and there is  a platform specifically for you the ADHD parent! Talk about advocacy!

As a parent you can also pay a small free and get access to all of the information.

Kids Steps 4 Life will bring together your ADHD team:

– Parents
– Children
– Educators
– Health Providers
– Tutors
– Researchers

The benefits could be endless with all the right people collaborating with your child.

Just to list a few benefits:

Early education for parents, access to pre-assessments that will help you understand your own child and lead the process with your health care providers, access to education tools specific for your child, nutrition management tools, fitness and activity trackers, direction to local resources.

And I’m most excited about the communities you can create.  By matching groups of 15 to 20 families together with similar geographies and situations, you’ll have a community custom made for you that you can share best practices and resources on a day to day basis.

Dan Reese has stood up and chose to be an advocate, now we need to support him.

Dan and his team have chosen to participate in the Phillips Fellows program.  He’s done this for two reasons:

  1. To raise additional capital to implement the platform. If they exceed their goal, additional services will be added for all members, such as mobile integration, additional assessments, and interactive collaboration features.
  2. To engage with a wide variety of potential members, families, and providers to collaborate, support and help increase the impact of their solution on kids’ lives.

Dan is raising funds through an Indiegogo campaign. All capital raised through this campaign will be used in two phases:

So here’s the scoop, we need your help.  A key part of remaining in the Phillips Campaign is how many people choose to donate.  You can donate just a dollar.  It’s your support that we need, the support of our community, the ADHD community.  It’s time to come out of the shadows and support an advocate that will bring tools and information to help us live and parent these amazing kids well.

We need 75 more donators.  Again, it can be just a dollar, but of course more is better.  This project will move forward with or without the Phillips Fellowship award, but with the award, the project goes further, faster.  And wouldn’t we all agree we need more support for ADHD and we need it faster.

So here’s your link, donate now and I’ll be refreshing the page every minute to watch the scoreboard move!

Indiegogo Page: Click Here


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